Podcast #6: Zena Birch, Humanist Celebrant, on The Power of Forgiveness, The Role of Storytelling, Creating Personal & Enjoyable Wedding Ceremonies & Finding Love & Grace in Darker Times

Zena Birch Humanist Wedding Celebrant 6

My guest in Episode #6 of The Love My Dress Podcast is Zena Birch, a Humanist wedding celebrant who goes beyond the ordinary and whose life mission is to inspire others to chose love in every aspect of their lives.

Zena’s is one of those people in life whose spirit shines especially bright. She effortlessly exudes love and warmth in everything she does and everywhere she goes.


Zena’s path to becoming a celebrant was forged through deeply personal experiences that have left an indelible mark on her soul. In moments of profound tragedy, unimaginable loss, and the power of forgiveness, she discovered firsthand the transformative nature of love.

Through these experiences, she witnessed love’s ability to heal wounds, forge connections, and imbue our lives with indescribable joy and treasured memories.

Trigger Warning: Please note, this episode explores the issue of grief, a road traffic accident and loss of a sibling as a child.

Zena Birch

As a Humanist celebrant, Zena treasures the belief that love transcends boundaries and should be celebrated in a way that is authentic and profoundly meaningful to each couple.

Her approach is rooted in inclusivity, embracing the beautiful diversity of love and the countless ways in which it manifests itself in our lives. She believes that love has the power to dismantle prejudice, ignorance, and despair.


With a compassionate heart and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Zena infuses her ceremonies with tenderness and an enchanting touch that is uniquely hers – I like to think of it as Zena magic. Zena has an innate gift for creating a safe and sacred space where couples can freely express their love, allowing their individual narratives to unfold in all their beauty.

My dear listeners, prepare to be inspired as we dive into the world of love, celebration, and the remarkable journey of Zena’s life and career.


You will find a full transcript of this episode here (tap the transcript tab).

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