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Britten Wedding Veils

At Love My Dress, we are passionate about supporting small artisan businesses that uphold the values of craftsmanship and quality. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to Britten Weddings‘ collection of handmade bridal accessories, proudly crafted in England.

Each piece in this collection of luxury bridal accessories, which comprises veils and embroidered veils, bridal earrings, back necklaces, tulle gloves, elegant tulle coverups and more – is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the skilled artisans who pour their hearts into their work. From intricately hand-stitched lace to carefully placed embellishments, every detail reflects the passion and commitment that goes into creating these timeless, precious, heirloom pieces.

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Bride in a sequin dress and wedding veil embroidered with flowers - by Britten Weddings.

By choosing a Britten Weddings accessory, you proudly support the essence of small artisan businesses – which has never been more vital in our post pandemic world. Each of these beautiful wedding hair accessories have been meticulously handcrafted in England and embody the commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship and ensuring its lasting legacy. It’s a meaningful way to adorn yourself with beauty while making a difference in supporting the values we hold dear at And if you’re considering a wedding veil – we recommend this be your first port of call.

As our valued reader, you can enjoy a special 10% discount on these exceptional creations through to the end of June. Use code LMDBRITTEN at checkout.

Who is Britten Weddings?

I’m Sarah Jane and I started Britten in 2011. I’m a graduate of Cordwainers college, London College of Fashion and spotted a need for a bigger variety of bridal accessories than was typically available in boutiques. Everything is handmade in our boutique workshop just outside Bath by a skilled team of artisans. We sell directly to brides which keeps prices lower for really high quality pieces. We package beautifully so when it arrives with our brides it feels like a really special experience. Sarah Jane, Founder

What advice do you have for brides who are curious but unsure about wearing a wedding veil?

I didn’t wear a veil on my wedding day in 2010 and I regret that decision to this day. Having tried on many veils since I can say nothing makes you feel as much like a bride as a veil and it is the only opportunity you will get to wear one.

Styled right a veil will enhance your dress and help create some beautiful photographs.

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How do you see your designs enhancing a bride’s confidence and overall experience on her wedding day?

With such a large range we have the right piece for anyone to make them feel themselves and match their chosen aesthetic. We make sure all our pieces are comfortable to wear and easy to secure so there are no distractions on the day!

Save 10%, use code lMDBRITTEN
Elegant Lace trim wedding veil by Britten Weddings. Bride lifting the veil to reveal her face.

How do you help brides choose the right piece that will complement their dress and overall wedding aesthetic?

It’s about communication! We’ll talk to anyone who needs help and evaluate the dress, theme and colours. The hairstyle is crucial of course and we can then recommend products or customisation to make sure every bride gets the right piece.

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Can you tell us more about how you incorporate sustainable values into your design and production process?

We use really high quality materials, manufacture locally and employ ethically. Our workshop even runs on solar energy for most of the year.

When you wear a Britten piece you’ll know it was made by a skilled team in the UK who are so proud of their work. We’re always looking for ways to improve too, all our packaging is recyclable now!

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Polka dot wedding veil by Britten Weddings.

Can you share some of your favourite stories of how your accessories have helped enhance a bride’s overall wedding experience?

We get so many reviews it’s hard to choose but I think we really love it most when the experience of choosing accessories becomes part of the enjoyment of the day itself! The process of creating our embroidered personalised veils is particularly lovely. Embroidery is such a personal and delicate thing to create for someone.

The entire process, from my first inquiry to the day the piece arrived at my home in New Jersey USA, took just about 2 weeks. The Britten Team was so incredibly patient with me to determine exactly how I wanted the hair vine and created an absolutely beautiful piece that I cannot wait to wear for my wedding. I can’t thank the team enough and would highly recommend reaching out for a bespoke piece if you haven’t found a piece you 100% love. Client Testimonial

Finally, what message do you have for brides who are considering investing in one of your exquisite veils or accessories for their wedding day?

I want to personally thank you for considering my designs as a part of your special celebration. My message to you is one of confidence, authenticity, and sustainability.

Britten Weddings packaging.

By choosing one of my designs, you are not only investing in a beautifully crafted accessory that will enhance your bridal look, but you are also embracing a piece that has been created with love, care, and a deep respect for the environment and ethical practices.

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We strive to support small and independent businesses and teams of artisan designs and encourage you to purchase from these small companies.

Sarah Jane has generously shared a savings code for Love My Dress readers so that they can save 10% on all online purchase through to the end of June 2023. Simply quote LMDBRITTEN at checkout.

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wedding veil in the breeze

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