We consider it an absolute privilege to be able to share a couple’s wedding with our community. We take time to craft together a beautiful story and present the images in a way that tells a story to our readers.

We are also deeply passionate about supporting and elevating talent within the British wedding community and love to share high quality photoshoots, campaigns and editorials.

1. What Are We Looking For?

  1. Weddings that have happened within the past 12 months.
  2. Weddings to be submitted by either a bride/groom/couple or their wedding photographer.
  3. Basic details such as date, location, venue, the designer of the bride’s dress/attire and any other key detail. A supplier list is always hugely appreciated – doesn’t have to be linked, just names or Instagram handles is fine. We make extra effort to prioritise and publish weddings featuring our recommended suppliers/directory members.
  4. A little about the day itself – just a short paragraph is absolutely fine, but something that will help to illustrate the kind of day it was. As editor, I’m looking for a sense of passion in the submission, a sense that the person submitting is inspired by the wedding.
  5. Emotive visuals. This doesn’t mean we’re always looking for decor and detail – we’re actually more interested in images that capture human connection, joy and love than that. We welcome the tiniest most intimate of elopements alongside the most opulent and luxurious weddings.
  6. That said, we always love images that showcase how a couple have injected their personality into their wedding day; decor, detail, fashion, chosen ceremony readings, detail and decisions during planning that expresses their love for one another.

2. When it Comes to Editorials and Photoshoots, We Only Support Our Recommended Venues & Suppliers

We took the decision in 2021 to only accept editorial and photoshoot submissions, if they support our recommended suppliers and venues.

On the whole, this means that we would prefer for the individual or team who conceived, planned and art-directed the shoot to be a recommended supplier.

Suppliers: you can apply to join our directory here.

Venues: you can apply to join our directory here.

3. Diversity, Inclusivity & Representation

Love My Dress welcomes submissions from all communities. We are trying our best to become a more diverse and inclusive platform and are actively seeking submissions that represent the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities, as well as the LGBTQIA+ and disabled (visible or non visible) communities.

We also actively seek representation of mature couples and as many different body types as possible.

4. How To Submit + How Long Will It Take To Publish?

  1. Please submit up to 25 low-res images via straight-forward email attachment to [email protected]. Please include the following basic information in this email: date and location of submission, and if a real wedding, the couple’s names, the designer of the dress if a dress was worn and a little about the couple’s day. Please share as much as you like!  Please only send these details via email attachment. Please do not send these details via a Zip file or image transfer service like Dropbox or Wetransfer. Please begin your email subject line with the word ‘Submission’.
  2. We will let you know if your submission has been accepted or declined via email – currently, you can expect to hear back from us within 5 working days.
  3. Images must contain no visible watermark or borders.
  4. Once received, submissions usually take on average between 4 and 6 weeks to be published – though this is subject to some variation.

5. Exclusivity Policy

**Exclusivity Policy last updated 20th October 2023**

We kindly ask that you copy and paste the information in this particular section to the team of suppliers and creatives involved in the wedding/editorial you wish to submit. This exclusivity policy exists to help protect the unique appeal of Love My Dress and to ensure everyone fully benefits from the effort we put into preparing, publishing, sharing and promoting the content with our audience.

Once your content has been published on Love My Dress and our related social media channels, we prefer it not to be published on any other blog, website, directory or digital platform. However, if you intend on seeking additional publication, we kindly ask that a period of 6 months lapses from the date of original publication on Love My Dress before it is shared elsewhere.

A note on sharing ‘sneak previews’ before we have had a chance to publish

We completely understand the desire for suppliers involved in any wedding and editorial content, to share their work on social media, especially Instagram, by way of ‘snippets’ or ‘sneak previews’.  But we must also protect the unique appeal of Love My Dress.

Once we have accepted a submission for publication, we kindly ask that images are not shared on social media channels, particularly Instagram, but also TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest –  before they have been published on Love My Dress and shared across our own social media channels. If too many images have been shared across social media before we’ve had chance to publish ourselves, it is likely that we’ll need to withdraw our agreement to publish your content on Love My Dress.

We of course make an exception for the bride/groom/couple sharing their own images.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Image by Belle Art Photography